Monday, 31 May 2010

New ScorZayZee... FIRE

So, Scorzilla has got a new mixtape out - "Raging Bull".
You can cop it here.

In case you're not sure.... which would mean that you haven't heard any of Scorz's previous stuff (cos if you had you'd cop it straight away), here's one of the tracks off it....


Props. Can't wait for Piece Of The Puzzle to drop, that's oging to be BIIIIIIIIG.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Rest In Peace Dennis Hopper....

Well, yet ANOTHER icon dead this year. What's going on? The last 12 months have been horrendous for this.

Dennis Hopper, one of the finest actors of the last 50 years, died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. He was 74.

In case people have forgotten what he did in his lifetime, here's some of the more noteworthy films he was in... some of which have been personal favourites of mine over the years.
Rebel Without A Cause, Giant, Gunfight At The OK Corral, Cool Hand Luke, Hang Em High, Easy Rider, True Grit, The Last Movie, Apocalypse Now, Out Of The Blue, Rumble Fish, The Osterman Weekend, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, River's Edge, Blue Velvet, Straight To Hell, Paris Trout, Red Rock West, True Romance, Speed, and Land Of The Dead.

He's worked with Quentin Tarantino, David Lynch, Francis Ford Coppola, George Romero, Sam Peckinpah, Paul Newman, James Dean (who he was close friends with), Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Peter Fonda, Martin Sheen, Crispin Glover, Kyle McLachlan, Dean Stockwell, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Isabella Rosellini, Mickey Rourke, Matt Dillon and hundreds of others.

Here's a clip of him on The Johnny Cash Show in the 70s, reciting a slightly paraphrased version of "If" by Rudyard Kipling. My grandad used to have that poem on his wall, so that - coupled with the fact that Johnny Cash and Dennis Hopper are both heroes of mine - makes this particularly resonant.

And here is a much more NSFW clip from the classic Blue Velvet... watch with caution. Absolutely terrifying, and one of the most skilful pieces of acting I've ever seen.
Seriously, WATCH WITH CAUTION. Not suitable for kids. AT ALL.

This, along with the AMAZING True Romance scene with Christopher Walken, are two of the most startling scenes in modern day cinema, to my mind.

Rest In Peace man, your work will be truly missed and there'll never be another actor like you.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Sample Blowup Friday

So, as I've been walking around like a fucking mental patient for the last two weeks or so, I figured this was quite a fitting sample.

It's Time To Break Down - The Supremes (post-Diana Ross... The Supremes at this point were Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong and Jean Tyrell)

I'm at the crossroads of my life
And I don't know if I should go left or right
My mind is confused, my heart is too
while your voice is ringing, ringing in my ear
It's time to break down
Time to say yeah
Time to take time
Give my heart a chance to breathe, free this fire inside of me

I'll never be free of wanting you
My heart is your prisoner, yeah
You're like the light in my pathway
You're like the burning flames higher day after day
I pretend I don't see the spell you cast over me
But the truth is, you see all into my face

Time to break down
Time to say yeah, oh baby
Time to take time...

I'll never be free from wanting you
My heart is your prisoner

It's time to break down
Say yeah
when you touch me baby
all your loving
oh yeah....

JFK 2 LAX - Gang Starr

Yo they got me handcuffed, I'm down in central booking
Things are fucked up, the way my future's looking
But I'm too fly, I'ma change this scenario
Make some power moves and tighten up my bankroll
Chumps are leary though, they see me as a threat
I'm like the black Dutch Schultz when you get me upset
Five-oh makes me wanna flip, Larry Davis style
Got a nigga depressed, while he's awaitin trial
It's OK though, cause from grey skies comes blue
Through darkness comes light and I be known as the Guru
And this I certify we all should be alerted by
the traps within the system, our youth is gettin murdered by
the D.A. says they got me on a felony
I'm tryin to live my life, so what the fuck is you tellin me?
The streets are war, that's what brothers carry weapons for
And I take the weight as I did before
The next thing you know, they got me on the radio
A rapper arrested, suckers showin me on video
Of course I know, that I'm a role model
But yo this rap life is real life sometimes it's full throttle
Right now I gotta think about me fuck the industry
You gets no love, except those who support me
What's the story, what happened when I went to L.A.?
Mixin shit up, no not there I got family
Nothin happened, mind your business yo step
You know we connect, JFK 2 LAX

They wanna lock us all up, and throw away the key
Don't wanna see us come up, don't wanna see us makin G's
Long as we know this is the key to our destruction
Let's make moves no discussion

Peace to my man Hass, and Orange Man payin the cost
All the twenty-five to lifers all my brothers gettin tossed
into the system, supposed to rehabilitate
It's why you gotta regulate your own mindstate
Read, study lessons and build your inner power
The next level, doesn't tolerate cowards
For example, I know this rich Nigerian
Powerful American that's proud to be an African
He asked me why do all us brothers be gettin trapped
I told him I'd explain it, broke it down in a rap
Whether you got naps, braids waves or no hair
Without esteem for yourself nigga, you goin nowhere
And you can swagger like you rule this; Josey Wales
unorganized revolt almost always mostly fails
Give up the savage ways, be effective soldiers
To elevate the mental is to be poor no more
There's war in the streets, prepared men know best
Our rhyme as live as it gets, JFK 2 LAX
They're always makin trouble yo, against the righteous
Killin us in cold blood, those beats those vipers
And as I sit feelin the pain in my wrist
I vow to myself that I'ma change this shit
Or at least I gotta try, or part of me will die
And only by action will any ideas solidify
So I inhale, exhale as I ponder
This grown man will make mistakes no longer
I've been there, I've seen how they make us fall victim
to their tricknowledgy, with no apology I diss em
And so I rip facts to dope tracks I caress
You're gonna hear about it, from JFK 2 LAX

RIP Guru.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Most Dangerous Bear In The World

Courtesy of close Jones family relative Ben Askew, here we present....
The Most Dangerous Bear In The World.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Best Hip Hop Tracks In The World (part 1)

So, my favourite hip hop tracks of all time. Sounds like an impossible task, right? Well, I'm deliberately going to put down what *I* think are the best hip hop tracks ever. If they're on this list, then I love them unconditionally. There's no order to this, it's just going to be track after track, possibly vaguely chronologically but I dunno. Depends.

Here's part one. If you haven't heard some of these, then edumacate yourself!

The Old School Picks:

1. The Message - Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five

2. Feel The Heartbeat - Treacherous Three

3. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa + The Soul Sonic Force

4. Sucker MCs - Run DMC

5. Step Off - Grandmaster Melle Mel + The Furious Five

6. I Can't Live Without My Radio - LL Cool J

7. Slow And Low - Beastie Boys (not the OG Run DMC one)

And now a quick note......

These next three (six?) selections represent, to me, the moment where hip hop suddenly started releasing classic double sided singles. The following two classic 12"s are era defining.

Doug E Fresh ft MC Ricky D (pka Slick Rick) - The Show B/W La Di Da Di
Run DMC - Peter Piper B/W My Adidas
Eric B + Rakim - Eric B Is President B/W My Melody

Here you go....

8a. The Show - Doug E Fresh ft MC Ricky D

8b. La Di Da Di - Doug E Fresh ft MC Ricky D

9a. Peter Piper - Run DMC

9b. My Adidas - Run DMC

10a. Eric B Is President (original 12" version) - Eric B + Rakim

10b. My Melody - Eric B + Rakim

More to come.....

Lack Of Updates

Hey there folks....

I know this blog isn't the centre of your world, but you may have noticed a distinct lack of updates recently. Well, things this end have been remarkably up in the air for various reasons (home, work, money) and as a consequence I've let this blog slip. Sorry bout that.

There'll be more posts from now on, I promise, mainly because at the end of next week my workload will dwindle to half of its current amount, and also because my personal life will involve more time for me to do stuff as well.

Anyway, stay tuned.

Peace out.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sample Blowup Sunday

The Cyrkle - The Visit

She was here with me today, walking softly, holding hands
And I thought I heard her say she loved me
As we walked I felt her eyes
Reaching deeply into mine
And I thought I heard her sigh she loved me

And along the way we shared a thought or two
It seemed as if I knew her well
Then she leaned to me and as we gently kissed
I knew that moment my heart fell
She was here

Now I'm lost and wondering, as if waking suddenly
Was it real or just a dream? Where is she?
Was she really here today? Or was I just drifting back
To the times I heard her say she loved me?

Was she really here today?

A Tribe Called Quest - Get A Hold (prod: Dilla)

The deadly venom, let me start from the beginning
We always hittin, so yo, there'll be no extra innings
As I send the mic out the park like Reggie Jackson
You be the minor leaguer who sees no action
The coming attraction (what!) The main feature
And I'ma greet ya, like a rhymin ass creature
Lurking all up in the dark, unknown parts
The brotha well prepared is the brotha who will start
And that's me Akki, as long as the ladies move they bodies
We'll have a four-on-two stand
Cuz that happens to be the nature of man
Sexuality, it is the format baby
Ain't no ifs, no buts, no ands, or maybes
But I praise Lord in the worlds that's unseen
Respect me for that and let me do my thing (just)
I said, respect me for that and let me do my thing

You know we gotta get a hold... Over the illest drum rolls

Yo, how you doin? Let me give you an intro
My name's the Abstract, now let me give you some info
Got the diamond in the back, and the sunroof shit
That makes the hardcore MC's resort to being bitch
And I don't give a shit about being wild rich
Just make me comfortable and I'll deal with it
Your lust for the riches make a nigga feel sick
Down to his zealots, upchuck and then spit
Denouncin my beliefs, well then your wig get split
Lay your ego on the ground so that you'll benefit
You can take these words and relay it to your click
Take some time for your mind and get off them head trips
Don't try to play me, see my name's not Dick
The Tribe is the crew that makes your mics get lit
Like the Fourth of July on some firework shit
My record company be on some true jerk shit
But that's i-ight, now, I'm on some true work shit
And I'ma make it happen for my whole outfit

You know we got to get control... Over the illest drum rolls

A-yo, we just gettin started
Got to redirect this vision
Got the beauty of a flower
Plus dimensions like a prism
Your minds are locked down like prison
Y'all really need to go lay down
Cuz positivity has risen
We hittin
Yo bust how we too strong to be broken
Occasional malfunction pressure time
We ain't jokin
For security we on this run like Logan
Kamaal's doin the hustle
And you backstage voguin
We all got flaws
Don't ever try to think that you perfect
We all are human beings
There's bullshit at the surface
Sometimes, I mean we rhyme
Damn, we ain't prophets
And if you think so, you need to stop it
So jump back inside your shell
Let your million dollar thoughts propel
But next man don't get jel
Playa hate that all carries weight
That we don't need
We slim with disabilities and
Thick with possibilities
Cuz then you can't move with fertility
Navigatin with good visibility
We put these tunes out in record shop facilities
Let's strive to get this constant money activity
We try to stay on the scene like Fidel
So if you get enraged with these names it still rebels
There ain't no plan B's
Yo watch, we movin through with plan A
Money market doin things the right way

You know we got to get control... Over the illest drum roll, the way Dilla chopped that Cyrkle track is NICE. POW.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Exhibit Driis - now with youtube!

Yeah, I posted this before. Never mind. I put it up on youtube as well, cos I don't think enough people have heard this. It's amazing. Probably the second best version after the Electronica one.

Blaze... Electronica... large mate!
a large portion of fish and chips and a large plate
a large thank fuck for you for fuck's sakes
and I know it ain't your birthday but a large frickin cake
with the candle that you're holding on for who the fuck is great
now enough fuckin fucks but I have to frickin say
that you are number one of my list of MCs
and I diss them MCs who ain't got nothin to say... no doubt bwoy...
cos this way lies the truth and the truth will hurt
and this way lies the booth where the lies won't work
I'm a 10, I think forward check the name on the shirt
I'm just an actor, don't make me embarass ya
I write a ghost verse for my rapping character
have you call your mum and dad asking for ya barrister
so calm, so cool, collected
future breaks on repeat, bruv you can't eject it, nah
I heard your freestyle, I didn't respect it, brah
I heard your album, that's what I expected, huh
a pile of shit, a pile of words on a beat
if I saw you on the street I'd punch you straight off your feet
call my Camden Town mans and rob the gold from your teeth
rob you in the library, ask my neezy Big Neef (true stories!) you can call me Steve
the way I'm giving out Jobs to those who like to rob
It Takes Two minutes like EZ and Rob
but with one black face like the Princess and the Frog
uhh... now I'm a dutty nig-nog
and I come from an area where they call me a wog
but now, and I quote man, they call me a god
but the girls got it backwards calling me a fucking dog
a pedigree, not a chump
keep my eyes wide open and my mouth tight shut
keep my finger on my trigger of my ten minus one
the small of my back sees my 140... am to pm...

Verse Of The Week: Joe Scudda

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Rapsploitation - Saturday 8th May 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen... I cordially invite you to the biggest Rapsploitation Sessions to date...
Foreign Beggars
Dr Syntax
Millionaires By Morning
Pikey Esquire
Leon Rhymes
Rapsploitation / Low Pass / Hush House DJs

This is going to be at Fire + Ice on Saturday... a collab between Low Pass (dubstep night) and the mighty Rapsploitation Sessions.

The big change? Well, aside from the fact that it's going to be half hip hop (first half up until Forgeign Beggars) and half dubstep (second half after Foreign Beggars), it starts at 8pm and finishes at 3am. THREE AM PEOPLE! THREE! And all this for the bargain price of £7 ticket in advance, or £9 on the door.
I would personally jump in there early simply because it will sell out. Oh yes, it will.

So (although I've got a prior engagement so I won't be there), you should head yourselves down there, it's going to be a big un. POW!