Saturday, 20 March 2010

Five of the best from muh-f***in Charlie Bronson.

Charlie Bronson, one of my personal heroes. I'm serious. I've got a framed autographed picture of him, courtesy of the missus. Here's my five favourite Bronson films. (I've not counted Once Upon A Time IN The West, because this is supposed to be a list of Bronson star vehicles rather than 'good films he's been in').

The first, the original... Death Wish. A classic - easily Michael Winner's best FILM, as opposed to Michael Winner's best SHIT film. Bronson is amazing in this, seriously great - genuine acting rather than a parody of stoic vengeance, as he later became. Vicious rape scene at the start, in some ways a lot worse than Death Wish 2 as it's more powerful and doesn't resemble a comic book like the sequel does. Some great scenes in general, especially the moment when Paul Kersey realises he's just killed a man for the first time. The Herbie Hancock score is amazing as well.

Bronson-O-Meter: 10/10 (excellent acting, believable characterisation, brooding screen presence)

Best Line:
Bronson: "What do you call people who, when they're faced with a condition or fear, do nothing about it, they just run and hide?"
Son-In-Law: "Civilized?"
Bronson: "No."

Horrible sequel, but if you watch the cut version (with the massively reduced rape scene) then it's pretty good. I've got a soft spot for it cos I watched a sparkly jumpy TV version of it endlessly when I was a kid.

Bronson-O-Meter: 9/10 (the way he changes from day-Bronson to night-Bronson is particularly effective)

Best Line:
Bronson: "Do you believe in Jesus?"
Rapist: "Yes, I do"
Bronson: "Well, you're going to meet him."

Well, this is by far the shittest Death Wish film, but in that regard it reaches highs of unbelievable stupidity and therefore becomes hilarious. (I refer you to an astonishingly accurate review of it over at Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension. Very comprehensive.) Made in the era of Commando and the like, it's an attempt to move into the action movie genre.

Bronson-O-Meter: 6/10 (he looks uncomfortable and out-of-sorts, scurrying about amongst London rubble)

Best Line:
Bronson: "I'm going out for some ice cream... this is America, isn't it?"

Ten To Midnight is great fun (if that's the appropriate term), a mix of a slasher and police thriller (gotta remember that it came out in 83, the peak time for Hollywood's 'just=past-it' attitude of jumping on a bandwagon... B-Movie cannibalism, if you will) with Bronson as badass cop Leo Kessler hunting Gene Davis (massively effective as sexually ambiguous women ripper Warren Stacy). Great stuff.

Bronson-O-Meter: 8/10 (appropriately stoic and angry)

Best Line:
Bronson: (referring to murdered girl's diary entry about a 'creep'] "Do you know who that is, Warren?
[Warren doesn't respond]
...I'll give you a hint - YOU."

Great adaptation of Elmore Leonard's story about Vince Makestyk, a mild-mannered farmer who suffers with mob-related labour trouble. Apart from a crammed-in subplot to do with the mafia boss getting busted out of custody, this is a really good, thoguhtful and enjoyable film. It also has Brosnons talking about leaving his melons alone, which makes the film worth a purchase in my book.

Bronson-O-Meter: 9/10 (he plays a different character here... salt of the earth farmer who gets pushed too far)

Best Line:
Bronson: "You make sounds like you're a mean little ass-kicker, only I ain't convinced. You keep talking and I'm gonna take your head off."

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pen + Pixel!

Pen + Pixel were dope in a fantastic / dreadful way in the late 90s. (They were a design company who specialised in OTT rap covers from about 93 - the mid 00s). If you saw the Louis Theroux Gangsta Rap documentary, then you saw Pen + Pixel's HQ.

^ Not Steve Carrell in The Office... the Pen + Pixel boys.

Check this interview out, VERY informative.

Anyway, here's my ten favourite classic / mental Pen + Pixel covers. Enjoy!

2000, Deuce 8 Records. (Seattle, Washington)

1997, South Coast Music Group (N.O., Louisiana)

1999, Smoked Outt Records (N.O., Louisiana)

2002, Sporty Records (N.O., Louisiana)

1994, Too Cold Records (Houston, Texas)

1995, Hard Head Records (N.O., Louisiana)

1996, Cloud 9 Records (Memphis, Tennessee)

1996, Suave House Records (Memphis, Tennessee)

1999, Hypnotize Minds (Memphis, Tennessee)

1998, Tru Game Records (Nebraska)

ALL covers taken from here. MAD props to the dude who's collected them all together.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010


My favourite Biggie verses (we could be here for some time):

Flava In Ya Ear Remix

Niggas is mad I get more butt than ashtrays
fuck a fair one, I get mine the fast ways
ski-mask way, nigga ransom note
far from handsome but damn a nigga tote
more guns than roses, foes is
shakin in their boots
invisible bullies like The Gooch
disappear vamoose, you're wack to me
take them rhymes back to the factory
I see the gimmicks, the wack lyrics
the shit is depressing, pathetic, please forget it
you're mad cause my style you're admiring
don't be mad, UPS is hiring
you shoulda been a cop, fuck hip hop
with that freestyle you're bound to get shot
not from Houston but I Rap-A-Lot
pack the gat a lot
the flav's bout to drop

Think BIG (original version)

Big Poppa throwing niggas off of cliffs
smokin spliffs, disappear wit my bitch
in a Mitsubishi Eclipse, read my lips "I kill you"
blood'll spill too, did I say thank you?
I grant you... three wishes, cos I be the genie
niggas is ass out like fat bitches in bikinis
read between the lines see what I see
I see the diary of a sick bastard
Junior Mafia blaster
Rugas on the hips, bought coke to flip chips
bought slugs to fill clips
flippin coke in porno stores bodega
in the back room playin' Sega, "Street Fighter 2"
I'm invitin' you, bring your writin crew
and they dopest rhymes...
I get up in that ass everytime
lyrically I'm... untouchable, uncrushable
gettin' mad blunted in the six hundred
...Benz, ask your friends who's the illest
lickin shots, niggas screamin "Biggie Smalls tried to kill us!"

Who Shot Ya?

Who shot ya?
Seperate the weak from the ob-so-lete
hard to creep in Brooklyn streets
it's on nigga, fuck all that bickering beef
I can hear sweat trickling down your cheek
your heartbeat sound like Sasquatch feet
thundering, shaking the concrete
finish it, stop, when I foil the plot
neighbors call the cops when they heard mad shots
saw me in the drop, three in the corner
slaughter, electrical tape around your daughter
old school, new school need to learn though
I burn baby burn like Disco Inferno
burn slow like blunts with yayo
peel more skins than Idaho potatoes
niggaz know, the lyrics molestin is takin place
fuckin with B.I.G. it ain't safe
I make your skin chafe, rashes on the masses
bumps and bruises, blunts and Landcruisers
Big Poppa smash fools, bash fools
niggaz mad because I know that Cash Rules
Everything Around Me, two glock nines
any motherfucker whispering about mine
and I'm, Crooklyn's finest
you'll rewind this, Bad Boy's behind this

Mo Money, Mo Problems

B-I-G, P-O, P-P-A
no info, for the, DEA
Federal Agents mad cause I'm flagrant
tap my cell, and the phone in the basement
my team supreme, stay clean
triple beam lyrical dream, I be that
cat you see at all events bent
Gats in holsters girls on shoulders
Playboy, I told ya, bein mice to me
bruise too much, I lose too much
step on stage the girls boo too much
I guess it's cause you run with lame dudes too much
Me lose my touch, never that
If I did, ain't no problem to get the gat
where the true players at?
Throw your Rollies in the sky
wave em side to side and keep your hands high
while I give your girl the eye, player please
lyrically, niggaz see, B.I.G.
be flossin, jig on the cover of Fortune
five double oh, here's my phone number
your man ain't got to know, I got to go
got the flow down pizzat, platinum plus
like thizzat, dangerous
on trizzack, leave your ass flizzat


B-I-G, G-I-E, AKA, B.I.G.
geddit? Biggie
also known as the bon appetit
rappers can't sleep need sleepin Big keep creepin
bullets heat-seekin, casualties need treatin
dumb rappers need teachin
lesson A - don't fuck with B-I, that's that
oh I, thought he was wack; oh come come now
why y'all so dumb now - hunt me or be hunted
I got three hundred and fifty-seven ways
to simmer sautee, I'm the winner all day
lights get dimmer down Biggie's hallway
my forte causes caucausians to say
he sounds demented, car weed scented
if I said it, I meant it
bite my tongue for no-one
call me evil, or unbelievable

Honorable Mentions (strictly speaking, one verse tracks):

10 Crack Commandments

I Got A Story To Tell


Bonus Biggie moment:


"The greatest rapper of all time died March 9th" - "2nd Round KO", Canibus

Biggie - always in my top 3 rappers. RIP.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Premo speaks on Guru + Justin Ruff

Right, this just in courtesy of DJPremierBlog... transcript and edits by me (taken from 2.40 onwards of audio rip that you can hear HERE taken from LiveFromHQ, 5th March 2010). Edits marked with "..."

"Shout to Justin Ruff, you know what I'm sayin, the nephew of Guru, a true soldier and a warrior...

Panchi (co-host):
"A grown ass man!"

"Word up, a grown ass man who took it on his own initiative to really really let muhfuckahs know that evil lurks, even in Guru's life still, and that that shit will cease eventually, you know what I'm sayin? Cos God don't like ugly like they say, and like I said love always conquers the devil, please believe it..."

Panchi (co-host):
"They say Guru woke up out of a coma, and released a statement saying that nobody know nothing about him except this lame that's with him. Now, you're telling me that a nigga that's supposed to be dying, woke up out a coma and said 'yo I hear these niggas talking shit about me, yo listen, go out front, tell them niggas that they lyin, that shit is not true, and everything's good,' and then he fell back out. (Premo starts laughing in the background) I'm fucked up. Now when niggas wake up out of comas to straight rumours? Them niggas is nosey as shit. Guru's a nosy muhfuckah, this shit is the truth..."

"...To my homie, my partner Guru, we love you, stay strong, no matter what man, you know what I'm sayin, all the evils that lurk around you will leave, you know what I'm sayin, please believe it...
And again shout to his nephew Justin...
Family always shows up to show mutherfuckers how it really goes down, and that's a strong motherfucker man, I love you brother for that...
I really know the family, please believe, and they know me."

Friday, 5 March 2010

"Superproducer" Solar

TheRealTalibKweli + BussaBus:
RT @DJPremierBlog: It's really sad to see @Solar_7Grand tweeting in Guru name on @GuruGangStarr twitter,I'm concerned about his health,pray

What the FUCK, Solar? The man's a joke.

"Guru has made clear he does not want anything to do with certain people from his past, and for them too be making false statements about his health is unacceptable"

Link here.

Solar's response to all this (from here):

My direct response to accusations made on my character! I hate to go into Guru's problem with them but it is needed for the truth to be known. the fact is guru had no type of close relationship with Justin or his mother. fact guru rarely spoke to her or him and has not physically seen them in many years.

Fact Guru directly instructed to not let his sister up to the Hospital, which was not enforced for obvious reasons.He saw this coming. If he is so close let him produce a recent pic with his famous uncle, he can't. Fact Guru wanted me to be at his side during this time and I am proud to be there for him. Fact Nobody tells Guru what to do! That is so foul to say about MAN that you say you love! I have no calls from Justin Just a text which i referred him to his mother who had just visited Guru! And the subsequent leaks against Gurus wishes. Guru is a very private Person and wanted to keep this matter close to protect his loved ones. Attacking me over their poor relationship with Guru is outrageous. Guru is like a Brother to me. we have been through a lot together and we are very close as his father and brother are well aware. And I also am close with Gurus Father and now his brother. I feel bad that they took this tact to vent their frustrations with their lack of closeness with Guru. I hope they can let it go, for Guru's sake. This is what Guru wants and that's what counts.


The story thickens.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Jim's Record Of The Week Part 1

Crown City Rockers - B-Boy

This one goes out to all hip hop heads, especially Palma... I KNOW you'll love this one man.

and here's the REMIX....

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Get Well Soon Guru.

Guru, from Gang Starr, as a lot of you may have heard, has had a heart attack and is in a coma as a result. This is truly dreadful and shocking news, I'm sure you'll all agree, especially as Guru is only 43 years old.

Most recent development (as of 20.47 - 2nd March): he's had surgery, and the surgery has been successful, and he's in a medical induced coma. Get well soon brother.

While we wait for what I can only fervently hope is good news of a full and speedy recovery, here's one of my favourite ever Gang Starr tracks.

UPDATE (March 3rd 2010): Well, we all knew that Solar was a fucking awful producer, but I didn't know he was as shady as this.

(For those who haven't watched the vid - the upshot is that Solar has apparently kept Guru's family away from him, not telling them how he's doing and refusing to contact them with any information at all with whether he's alive or not... what a prick.)

AND the story gets thicker....

I wouldn't like to be Solar at this point in time.

(Bumpy Knuckles, for those who don't know, is Freddie Foxxx...last seen on this blog knocking seven bells out of some dude at Statik Selektah's album launch party).

Update: 4th March 2010

Guru: "I am doing fine and I am recovering!...I'm weak though ... I appreciate your well wishes and all the love."