Sunday, 27 September 2009

Top Ten Jigga

Right, here's FACT Magazine's Top Ten Jigga tracks.

The Essential.... Jay-Z

For the record, to save you time, they have it as:


02: JAY-Z
featured track: Dead Presidents II


04: JAY-Z feat. AMIL & JA RULE
'CAN I GET A…' (ROC-A-FELLA, 1998)

05: JAY-Z
featured track: Do It Again

06: MYA feat. JAY-Z

07: JAY-Z
featured track: Song Cry

08: JAY-Z
featured track: Takeover

09: JAY-Z

10: JAY-Z feat. LIL WAYNE

....uhhh, sorry? What the hell? This list is bullshit. Sorry, but it is. How can a list that's apparently the "Essential Jay-Z" leave off 99 Problems, for a start? I mean, REALLY. Bullshit list.

What's my list? Well, I don't think you CAN do a top ten list of Jay-Z's best tracks. The dude's done 11 full studio albums, how can you narrow down his output to ten tracks in the first place? I tell you what though, I'd put 99 Problems, So Ghetto, Feelin It, A Million + One Questions (extended version), Dead Presidents 1, Takeover, This Can't Be Life, Kingdom Come, Dirt Off Your Shoulder, U Don't Know, and some others on there. I might even go as far as putting on DOA and Empire State Of Mind on there. But Hello Brooklyn? or Sunshine?
Ma, are you INSANE?

Saturday, 26 September 2009

My Marvin Gaye Mixtape

This was a real labour of love. It's a mixtape of classic Marvin Gaye tracks, some well-known, some rare, some overlooked, some remixed, some alternate versions and a few blends (see videos).

As Marvin is possibly my favourite artist ever, this was a nervy thing for me to do, I wasn't confident doing it, but I think that now it's finished it's one of the things that I'm most proud of.

I Wanna Be Where You Are featuring Ghostface

After The Dance featuring Biggie

All the way through there are interviews and comments from Marvin that explain the music. It's an "audiobiograpy", according to Truth, which I quite like the sound of. AND it's now Akil from Jurassic 5's tour CD while he's travelling around, from what he said on Thursday when I met him briefly. Dope.

Here's the streaming zshare link:
Jimmy Green's Marvin Gaye Mixtape (2009)

...and here's the Sendspace link, with artwork.
Jimmy Green's Marvin Gaye Mixtape (2009)

And here's the cover... a rarity for me, a half decent cover on a CD, haha.

Image Hosted by

Comment if you enjoy it, and link to this post if you want to pass it on. Props!

One of the best freestyles ever?

Right, I don't care if you don't count this as a "true" freestyle... any questions, I refer you to the skits on the first Organized Konfusion album, take it up with Prince Po and Pharoahe.

I mean... WOW. I wouldn't have wanted to be that dude who he's battling. I would have walked off way before he did... hahaha

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Green Album - Jay Z

Here's the story behind THIS one. It's a bit long, but bear with me.

Image Hosted by

A few years back, I used to buy nearly all of my vinyl from Turntable Lab, which is an amazing online store based in Brooklyn. (We tried to visit the LA store this year, but they've got weird opening hours on certain days, so I couldn't do it.) They got vinyl copies of The Black Album acapellas a bit before Christmas of 03, just as the album had dropped, and that coincided with my first proper spurt of making beats. At that point I was using hip hop ejay 2, but chopping my own samples and drums and importing them, so basically it was a cheap sequencing programme for me.


So I copped the Black Album acapellas, and started sorting out beats that matched them. I created completely new beats for some of the tracks - and for others I used beats that I already had floating about. (One of the problems with the acapellas was that they also included singing, at times, which meant matching the singing with the beat rather than the other way round.)

I finished the project, with skits between a couple of tracks to make it flow more, and then for some reason I thought "why don't I see what Roc-A-Fella are saying?"
So I typed in "Roc-A-Fella contact details" to google, and on about the 4th page in a phone number came up. I rang it, half expecting to get some old woman somewhere in Dakota, or something. But no... I got the Roc-A-Fella offices in New York.
Whoah. I didn't know what to say.
SO I end up talking to some dude called John, who was the online A+R for Roc-A-Fella at that time, (I forget his last name now), and I get his contact details and send it to him in a jiffy bag. (These are the days before I was able to fileshare / send tracks online - dial up connection!)


A couple of weeks later, I ring up again, and he can't get rid of me quick enough, he had NO idea who I was. The CD hadn't turned up.

A week after that, I ring back, and as soon as I'd got my name out he was all friendly, "oh, the guy from the UK, yeah," saying hi and saying how much he liked my remixes. As he was talking, I realised that I had heard something odd in the background, but couldn't quite place it... then I realised he was playing my remix of "What More Can I Say" in the background.
In the Roc-A-Fella New York Offices!
Holy shit!
I was proper made up. He said that a few people had asked about it, and he'd passed on my details.

Anyway, I told all my mates, and I was really chuffed and all that, but that was basically the end of it, cos I rang back a few weeks later, and again he couldn't get rid of me quick enough. Nothing ever came of it, no-one contacted me, and that was it. Ah well, c'est la vie, eh? It was a boost when it happened.

99 PROBLEMS remix

So here, dear reader, fianlly for you, is my Black Album remix project... unmastered, probably a bit murky sounding, but I think it still sounds vaguely cool. But then I would, wouldn't I? haha.

The Green Album (2003)
Jay-Z + Jimmy Green

See what you think. I reckon a lot of it holds up pretty well, some of it doesn't but there we go. As my first project, it's OK. I've got a soft spot for it.

The Graveyard Shift

A couple of years back, I was in touch with Reggiimental reasonably regularly, and I did a remix of a track that was on The Graveyard Shift sampler. It was on iTunes and everything (a first for me, haha).

Image Hosted by

Anyway, point being that I just found the CD down in the shed, and here it is.

Coolin' (Jimmy Green remix)
The Graveyard Shift (Reggiimental, Biggaman and SonnyJim)
taken from The Graveyard Shift EP

Cop more stuff from Rusty Jukebox over at their blog, Rusty Jukebox.

Also look up Reggii on iTunes, and Graveyard Shift as well. And Shady Rezidents, I did a remix for them as well.... must dig that out.

Yo, Reg, if you read this, hit me up man, been a long time!


Rapsploitation has branched out to a collabo with artist collective Lielow and Sketch (with IP1 magazine involved and some deep and dark level) - ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding to witness:

Image Hosted by

Hip Hop and art - MCs, DJs (including me), artists. You remember Black Sheep? That DOPE shop I blogged about a few days back? Well, they're involved as well. Check out all the relevant info here.

Adam Buxton - Genius

Adam Buxton is a comedy genius - fact.
When he did the Adam and Joe show with Joe Cornish, it was good but a bit patchy. However, I recommend checking his youtube channel out here.

Here's a couple of his best sketches.





80s SONG

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Grandmaster Roc Raida Rest In Peace.

Awwwww fuck. Man, I'm seriously upset about this, DJ Roc Raida has died.

Image Hosted by

Official confirmation came from the family a bit earlier today:

"Anthony Williams p/k to the world as The Legendary Grandmaster Roc Raida has passed away unexpectedly today September 19 2009. He is survived by his wife, three lovely daughters, mother and friends. Raida was recently in an mixed martial arts accident, something that he has been practicing for several years. Although he had under gone two surgeries with great success, was released to an inpatient physical therapy facility and was in great spirits the past few days. This morning he started to have complications and passed. The family asks for privacy at this time."

Busta Rhymes and Phonte announced it on the net earlier.

MAN this is shitty. I used to watch his routines over and over again (anyone living with me when I was at college back in the mid 90s will support that... and I would make THEM watch the routines as well!), and I had X Men Style Beats from Return Of The DJ 2 on a tape and on repeat for months, listening over again to try and work out how he was doing it. His scratching on OC's "Time's Up" was immense. More recently, his work on the X-Ecutioners albums was amazing as always, seeing him in Scratch was a good laugh, I'd watch his tutorials on youtube and I *RINSED* the Rock Phenomenon mixtape he put out with Vlad and Mike Shinoda, that shit was amazing. I'm a bit misty eyed at the minute, got to excuse me. I can see my old DMC video I had in college from here, on the shelf in the front room.

Here's the routine I used to watch over and over. Fuck.

Courtesy of DJ Vlad, you can download the Rock Phenomenon mixtape here. HIGHLY recommended. Hit up DJ Vlad on twitter here.

Awwwww man. More than anything, it was watching and listening to him, Flash, Q-Bert, Premier, Cutmaster Swift and selected other DJs that *REALLY* made me want to step my game up when I was starting out hip hop DJing in the mid 90s. He will genuinely be sorely missed.

Rest In Peace Grandmaster Roc Raida, Rest In Peace.

Black Sheep


Image Hosted by

Black Sheep in Ipswich, dope shop just by the Red bus station and Tower Ramparts.
Website in progess here.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Sells dope clothes AND records... records courtesy of Ben "Over The Line, Smokey" Marr.

Image Hosted by

while we're on the subject of records, don't forget about Out Of Time, down near Fore Street swimming pool.


Damn, massive props to flat4 over at UKHH form putting me on to this, my GOD.

Apologies for the quality BUT it's the best I could do embedded wise so you don't have to navigate away. (I jacked it on my phone. booooo)


Proper version here.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

1975's Finest.

Dolemite is dope. Ask Spyke. He knows.

Image Hosted by

Not seen it? Well, here's a taste. It's dope.

TRAILER: (warning: nudity and violence)

FIRST TEN MINUTES: (warning: violence, language... possibly nudity)

If you like that, then buy it. It's dope after a few beers, hahahaha. Or you could look the rest up on youtube, if you're feeling cheap.


Rudy Ray Moore is amazing.

NORE's new album is fire. Seriously. FIRE. "Hot fire." (c) Dylan

NORE, aka Noreaga, drops his new album soon. And you need to cop it. You SERIOUSLY need to cop that shit. Go out and buy it. Or sit at your computer and hit up iTunes. Because he needs to put out more shit, and he won't be able to if it gets illegally downloaded. (Sorry for preaching there.)

Here's a taster.

Good Day

"Sometimes I wake up in the morning and my breath feel fresh... but fuck it, I'mma brush my shit anyway"

Seriously, this is amazing. BUY THE ALBUM.

Image Hosted by

Pissed Up Kanye Ruins VMAs, Then Apologises On Jay Leno

Yeah, you've all seen it already, but here's both sides of the coin. I feel bad for Taylor Swift, but then without thinking I've done stupid shit that's embarrassed people - and hurt their feelings - when I've been pissed up as well, so I can't really start throwing stones, you know what I mean?

Anyway, he apologised on the Jay Leno show. For the record, he seems pretty genuine, and all the haters posting up and saying how much he's faking and all that... pft. Grow up a bit. Like I said, we've all done shit that's hurt people's feelings, so wind your necks in. For the record, I'd never head of Taylor Swift before this, so publicity works both ways. I think it shows balls to apologise so publically (on one of the biggest chat shows in the US)... if he'd done it to be a dick then why do it in such an emotional way? Why not be defiant and say "yeah, so what? Two tears in a bucket... let's take it to the stage". The House Party fans know what I'm talking about.

I bet Jay Z is PISSED OFF about this. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Jiggaman had had a word right afterwards and told him to sober up and sort himself out.

Sample Blowup #1

Yeah, I know, it's not normally cool to do this BUT it shows how much No ID did for this track. Seriously, he made a banger out of this weird shit right HERE. No ID is a GOD of chops and production. POW. Enjoy.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint?

WOW.... this HAS taken off since I did it. You don't believe me? OK, type in "What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint" to google, and see what comes up. Again, WOW. I did NOT expect this, maybe a few downloads and a bit of feedback, but not this much. Someone posted it up on the Kanye West Blog message board! I'm not joking.

Image Hosted by

Another notable mention was on the Rawkus blog.

Image Hosted by

Anyway, I could go on as it seems to be up in a load of places. It's even got people arguing over it on various message boards. Here is a recent one. Whoah.

You might have heard of this project, anyway, is the main point.
I knocked it together a few months back with most of The Blueprint acapellas (not Renegade though, can't get that one) and a load of Dilla beats. And that was it, really. It's had a couple of thousand downloads at least since then. So, if you haven't checked it yet then here it is.

But before then, here's my dreadful original cover:

Image Hosted by

It took about 20 minutes on paintshop. Which was noticed here. hahahaha.
For amusement, here's a couple of the covers that OTHER people have done, because mine is so bloody awful. This is weird... it's up on 40+ blogs, some messageboards, mentioned by Oliver Wang on the Soulsides blog (link here), and now it's getting new covers made for it... WTF?

This one's good, from BoomBap (a netherlands hip hop site)

Image Hosted by

So's this, from BlindIForTheKids.

Image Hosted by

And here is a particularly thoughtful review, courtesy of 33Jones. Here's another one, from hiphopiscoolagain. Props! At least you listened to it first, unlike some people.

Anyway, here's the download.

What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint? (mediafire link)


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Peter, Bjorn + John AMAZING remix album (Mick Boogie) - Free Download

Image Hosted by

Mick Boogie is on it again - after his quality Adele "1988" remix album from last year, he's got hold of the masters for the Peter Bjorn + John album "Living Thing" and got it remixed with a load of decent MCs over the top. And I tell you what, its pretty damn dope. I mean, like REALLY damn dope.

The Jazzy Jeff / Rapper Big Pooh / Chaundon + Phil Nash track is amazing. So is the 6th Sense / Bun B / Kid Daytona track. Seriously check this out. It's all legit, MTV have been praising it to the heavens (link here), and you'd be stupid not to check it out.

Still not convinced?

Here's the Jazzy Jeff / Rapper Big Pooh / Chaundon / Phil Nash track:
Stay This Way

...and here's the 6th Sense / Bun B / Kid Daytona track.
Losing My Mind

Yeah, I thought you'd be impressed. So here's the whole thing.

Re-Livin Thing (Mick Boogie version) - Peter Bjorn + John

And you could do a LOT worse than go and check his official website out, because the man is a BEAST for mixtapes:
Adele - 1988
Jay-Z / Coldplay - Viva La Hova
Biggie - Unbelievable
Busta Rhymes / Dilla - Dillagence (link to buy)
...the list goes on. Amazing.

Mick Boogie's Website


Eternia, another dope female MC

Image Hosted by

It's a shame that I have to put the term "female" in front of Eternia's name, but there aren't many about. For the record, the female MCs most listened to in Chez Jones are:

Roxanne Shante
MC Lyte
Jean Grae
Rah Digga

Not Lauryn Hill. Just don't really like her too much.

Anyways, just heard this MC called Eternia. She's Canadian, and has presumably been easy to market cos she's very easy on the eye as well as having skills. Hopefully she won't fall victim to the "novelty" tag and get done like Lil Kim or Foxy Brown, and get pushed down that "show ya body off" route. She's pretty raw on the mic.

Start of her verse from "Struggle":

"It's 3 o clock in the 1 spot, we got
5 fiends, 4 bags, 3 needles and 2 doors locked
the spot's hot so they don't talk a lot,
they just heat it up, tie it up, shoot it up, the veins pop..."


On a technical note, shame the mixdown on this track is so murky, but there we go.

Struggle (ft Wordsworth + Ken Starr)
from the album "It's Called Life" (2005)

Track sounds like a Premo-style beat, but it's a bit too cluttered up and they don't name-check him (that I noticed), so I'm assuming that it isn't.

Image Hosted by

Jigga killing it at Madison Square Garden, 9-11 concert.

The man goes from strength to strength, despite his longevity in the game. Amazing. Just when I'm feeling a bit old, as well. This is the first 20 minutes of his 9-11 concert from last night, courtesy of

Part 1

The rest of the concert is at Miss Info's Website - mad props.

BIGGUP! Part 2 in particular is AMAZING, with the Jones family favourite John Mayer jumping onstage.

Image Hosted by

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Jay Z attended a Coldplay gig, while sitting behind Ricky Gervais.

Image Hosted by

Stupid Fresh Radio Show September 11th 09

Image Hosted by

Yeah, I'm on some Mr Vampire / Asian Vampire Zombie shit this morning, just been raised out of bed by the missus's mate knocking at the door at unholy hour of a Saturday morning, cheers Michelle. :/

Anyway, we did the radio show last night as per normal, had a fair few listeners, got national AND international stuff going on nowadays, awwww gyeah, Australia, USA, Amsterdam... then back into the UK got Leeds, Norwich and Ipswich locked, POW! haha.

After the show we did our normal trick of popping along to The Swan and having a couple of aftershow beers, it was a great night, saw Dave Cradle, Mighty Joe Sharman, Lloyd, Flish, Mackenzie and Lady Tara, Chris, Steph, Becca, DJ Onion, Barney, and of course everyone who normally frequents and / or works at the Swan on a Friday - Damian, Carnell, Wes, Diddy and everyone else. Oh yeah, apologies to the guy who thought I was having a go at him, I wasn't, I was apologising for knocking into you, not blaming you for knocking into me. But, uhh, yeah. Anyway. This wasn't supposed to be an Oscar speech, it was supposed to be a brief post with our radio show upload. Damn, I get distracted easily nowadays.

Featured this week: new Jigga, MOP, Ghostface, De La Soul + Deams, Raekwon, Mick Boogie, NORE, Bekay + Masta Ace, Capone and LOADS more. Check it out, it doesn't cost you anything.

Big up all the listeners who got in touch, Truth, Muddle, Fatty, Little Martin, Wendy and Gav, Jam Master Jai up in Leeds, Ben Askew, Ben Hamilton, ElJay, Jamie.... the list goes on. And biggup if you listened in last night but DIDN'T contact us. Next time drop us a line or a text!

Image Hosted by

Stupid Fresh Radio Show
September 11th 2009

Part 1

Part 2

More next week. POW!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Akil from Jurassic 5 live at The Swan in Ipswich.... Rapsploitation!

Image Hosted by

Rapsploitation Sessions Presents…..
24th Sept 2009 @ The Swan, Ipswich
6 pound adv/7 pound on door.
Tickets available @ The Swan or online @

From one of the most successful and celebrated underground Hip Hop groups of the last decade, Akil the MC has toured the world numerous times over and now touches down in Ipswich to perform all the J5’s classics as well as his solo material. Well known for his live show, this will be a great night and we’re excited to have such a recognised artist @ Rapsploitation Sessions.

+ Sonnyjim
Easily Birminghams most prolific and hardworking MC, possibly Englands, Sonnyjim is a name you should know, and if you don’t, you need to get to know!!! After tearing up numerous battles and open mics he released his debut EP “Sole Trader” followed shortly by his mixtape “Trading Standards” on his own Eat Good Records. Collaborating with the best from these shores including Jehst, Kashmere, Kosyne, Cappo & mobo award winning Soweto Kinch, Sonnyjim returns to Rapsploitation Sessions one more time!

On top of the great live performances, the regular faces will be behind the turntables – Jimmy Green, Paulo, Muddle…with host Ill Inspired!

8pm – 12am
6 pound adv / 7 pound on the door
Tickets available at the swan or online @
Photography on the night by Sam Barker (

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Blueprint 3

Man, I'm feeling this album a lot. The more I listen to it, the better it gets.


Imagine how DOPE it would have been if the tracklisting had looked like this:

1. Dead Presidents 3 (intro)
2. Jockin Jay-Z
3. Thank You
4. DOA
5. Run This Town (ft Kanye + Rihanna)
6. Empire State Of Mind (ft Alicia Keys)
7. Real As It Gets (ft Young Jeezy)
8. On To The Next One (ft Swizz Beatz)
9. Brooklyn Go Hard (ft Santogold)
10. Venus + Mars
11. Already Home (ft Kid Cudi)
12. A Star Is Born (ft J Cole)
13. Reminder
14. So Ambitious (ft Pharrell)
15. You're Welcome (ft Mary J Blige)

If you've not heard those extra tracks, go to youtube... sickness.

Here's Dead Presidents 3.

(ignore the J-Love shout outs.... tool)

My R+B Remixes part 1, wow

hahahaha, I was going through my old CDs a couple of days ago looking for something (I have hundreds of data discs with all the raw files of the MCs I've worked with on all the tracks I've ever recorded), when I stumbled upon one thing that made me go "oh yeah, forgot about that", and then found something that I thought I'd lost for good.

Now, although I tend to make beats for rappers, I tried my hand at remixing a couple of R+B tracks a few years back, one of which I'll post up here for you now. One is from 2003, and the beat was done on eJay (no joke). Not great, but there we go. Thought you might like it. You don't? Maaaaaan you're ungrateful, Don't ask me for anything again ever.

Justin Timberlake ft The Clipse
Like I Love You (Jimmy Green remix) (2003)

Image Hosted by

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

8 Diagram Pole Fighter

So, it's inadvertantly turned into kung fu week here at "Chez Jonestown", as I've been watching loads of Sonny Chiba / Sammo Hung / Jackie Chan the last few days. Why? I don't know. Do I need a reason to watch kung fu films? No. So stop criticising me, you bastard.

Anyway. Here's a shameless jack from youtube (one of many). One of my top ten favourite kung fu films of all time:

8 Diagram Pole Fighter.

(Props to Sabidote on youtube for posting the whole thing up.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Some NICE new Brooklyn stuff.... Bekay (ft Masta Ace) produced by Alchemist / Babu

I copped a promo of this end of last week, REALLY nice! Brooklyn MC Bekay (pronounced like the initials BK.... you see what he did there?) comes HARD with an Alchemist track with cuts by Revolution, and a Babu track with cuts by...well, Babu.

Here's the video to the single, the first bit is the Alchemist track "I Am" and the second bit is "Brooklyn Bridge" featuring Masta Ace, the Babu track, NIIIIIICE. It's a SICK video as well, loving the old school look of the "I Am" bit, and the cold summer feel of the second part is really REALLY dope.

Oddly, I prefer the Babu track to the Alchemist one, it just sounds nicer to me. Sticks in my head more.

Worth checking out - single drops pretty soon, seek it out, and his album drops 10th November!

The single's VERY Brooklyn sounding, got that classic sound to it, Bekay isn't the most technically advanced of MCs on this but he reminds me of Fat Joe, and sometimes it's all about the swagger and the way you flow rather than technical ability shit.

Verdict: SURE SHOT! 4 Pows (out of 5).

Monday, 7 September 2009

Game Of Death Postcard Set

Bought these a few weeks back in San Francisco Chinatown, thought I'd share em. The quotes are from the backs of the postcards.

Image Hosted by

"Clad in his distinctive yellow catsuit, Bruce Lee strikes a pose on the set of 'Game Of Death'".

Image Hosted by

"'Game Of Death' - Bruce Lee's unfinished masterpiece."

Image Hosted by

"Billy Lo's face (Bruce Lee) is a mask of determination during his duel with Hakim (Kareen Abdul-Jabbar) in 'Game Of Death'."

Image Hosted by

"Sticks of fury
fly during Bruce Lee's 'Game Of Death' duel with Dan Inosanto."

Image Hosted by

"Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) poses during the Temple Of The Tiger fight sequence in 'Game Of Death'."

Image Hosted by

"Billy Lo (Bruce Lee) twirls his nunchakus during his duel with Pasqual (Dan Inosanto) in 'Game Of Death'."

POW! BANG! SMACK! OOF! and so on. Bruce FTW!

Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc.

I'm late on posting this up here, I posted it up a couple of weeks back on facebook and that but I didn't start this blog until Saturday just gone, so... why am I explaining this? It's dope. That's all you need to know. Forget the hating, it's all bullshit.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Messing About In The Labshed

Yeah, I've been known for messing about with records from time to time. So here's a couple of bad low def vids taken on my phone by a couple of mates of me messing about with records (well, Serato).

DWYCK Gang Starr Juggle (bit sloppy) taken by Shumba

General Scratch Vid (goes on a bit but OK) taken by Sir Plus

Saturday, 5 September 2009

JIMSTRUMENTALS - free download

Well, thought I'd put some of my stuff up. It IS my blog after all. So here's my most recent self-produced thing. a compilation / mixtape of the last few years of beatmaking.


Image Hosted by


Here's the rather complimentary write-up from the excellent Certified Banger blog.

"Rapsploitations Sessions man Jimmy Green has put this awesome mixtape together of his beats with UK Hip Hop verses from the greats - just check the image for the list of MCs. Let me assure you now before you listen in, Jimmy Green's beats are HOT, next thing he'll know is that these rappers will be calling him for beats and next thing we'll know is that his beats are on tracks and albums by said rappers.

Check out the way he totally changes the vibe of Rodney P's vocals from 'The Doggist' and how he re-flips Premo's 'It's Yours' beat! Listen as he throws in quotes from 'Dead Mans Shoes' and comedy routines about bad breath. Get this for yourself and if you're an MC get in touch. If you're a producer - watch out!"


Featuring classic verses by: Task Force, Kyza, Rodney P, Skinnyman, Blak Twang, Sir Smurf Lil, Bionic, Roots Manuva, Lewis Parker, Yungun, Asaviour, Wiley, Klashnekoff, Foreign Beggars, DPF, SonnyJim, Mercury and Skibadee.

All beats by me!

Eminem and Alchemist: extended track (exclusive)

So the new Alchemist came out a month or so ago, and it was pretty dope. But the big disappointment for me was the Eminem track, because as amazing as it was, I thought there'd be a second verse on it. Unfortunately there wasn't, so when I copped the album I was like "WHAT?"

Anyway, here's my re-edit of it, making it sound less like a half song, and more like a decent mixtape length. WARNING: explicit lyrics.


Man, M.O.P. are DOPE. For me it's all about First Family 4 Life. Got a promo of that a few years back, and I was like AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Anyway, their new album is out soon, if you're a fan then cop it! The Premo track is a banger!

But here's an interesting bit on youtube about them wandering through Brownsville. God forbid you're selling bootlegs of them, you are looking for an ass-kicking. And I'd advise staying away from their project in the evenings. GULLY!

Eddie Murphy's Best Films

Well, having sat in bed all day today, I've watched a few films, with two Eddie Murphy ones among them. So, I figured I'd put up something about my favourite Eddie Murphy films. In other words, the best ones. He's made some rubbish films, but also some classics!

1. 48 HRS

This was his first feature film role, and it's a gritty, extremely well made thriller with some cracking action sequences. Walter Hill is a fantatsic director when he's on form (Southern Comfort, Hard Times, The Long Riders, and so on), and Murphy (as Reggie Hammond) and Nick Nolte (as Jack Cates) are both excellent in this one.

Highlights: Eddie singing "Roxanne" in a jail cell; the motel shootout early on; and Eddie vs an entire redneck bar halfway through, pretending to be a policeman.

Classic quotes:

Cates: "We ain't brothers, we ain't partners and we ain't friends. I'm putting you down and keeping you down until Ganz is locked up or dead. And if he gets away you'll be sorry you ever met me."
Hammond: "I'm already sorry."

Hammond: (taking a wad of money from a redneck's pocket) "Where the fuck did you get this?"
Redneck: "Tax refund."
Hammond: "Bullshit. You're too stupid to have a job."


2. Trading Places.

Now I liked this film, but never REALLY loved it until recent years, when I watched it from an adult perspective.

Before, I laughed at the slapstick and swearing and had a crush on Jamie Lee Curtis, but watching it as an adult I finally picked up the socio-political commentary that permeates pretty much the whole film. From Eddie (Bully Ray)'s look to camera when the Duke brothers are explaining what makes a normal breakfast, to the realisation that it was all for a bet, it's a classic.

Dan Aykroyd as Louis Winthorpe is amazing, perfectly priggish and poncey. Some amazing insights into the rich and the poor divide, and class / social perceptions, even if it is played for laughs. And some of the sight gags and situational stuff is hilarious as well... James Belushi in a gorilla suit, the "no legs bum" sequence and so on.

Classic quotes:

Billy Ray: "I'm a karate man! And a karate man bruises on the inside! They don't show their weakness. But you don't know that because you're a big Barry White looking motherfucker! So get outta my face!"

Louis Winthorpe: (just having left jail) "Those men wanted to have SEX with me!"

3. Beverly Hills Cop.

The sequels are horrible, just HORRIBLE, but this was obviously such good fun to make that it translates to the screen. So many classic moments here...

the opening cigarette sting that goes wrong with the police / truck chase through Detroit; Mikey's death; Axel's rant that blags him a room in the Beverly Palms Hotel (see clip); getting "thrown out of a goddamn window" after bothering Victor Maitland; the fight at the Harrow club; the final shootout; Lisa Eilbacher looking FIIIIIIIIIIINE.... there's loads in this that makes it a classic.

Eddie improvised a great deal of his lines, as it was originally written for Sly Stallone (who went on to use the ideas they jettisoned for Cobra, the next year), and the script had next to no dialogue for Axel Foley. You can see other actors trying not to laugh when he goes off on one - the supercop speech for example, Taggart (John Ashton) is covering his face because he's trying not to laugh. And let's not forget Serge, with his espresso, with a "little lemon twist". You can see both of them trying to fight smiles as they play off each other.

Little trivia fact: when Axel goes into the police locker room, a fellow policeman asks him "Hey Axel, you got a cigarette?" That line was improvised by the extra. All Eddie could come up with was the retort "Did you write that one?"

Classic quotes:

Axel: "Disturbing the peace? I got thrown out of a window! What's the fuckin' charge for getting pushed out of a moving car, huh? Jaywalking?"

Axel: (to another black policeman) "(imitating him) You're not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe? It should be more natural, brother. It should flow out, like this - "Look, man, I ain't fallin' for no banana in my tailpipe!" See, that's more natural for us. You been hanging out with this dude too long."

4. Coming To America.

Now, not only was this film the basis for one of Snoop Dogg's best tracks of the last 10 years ("That's That Shit", with R Kelly), but it's hilarious.

The Soul Glo commercial is something that nearly everyone knows (and yes, I did go for that look once when my afro was particularly long, only for a couple of days though because I looked stupid), and the pisstake of McDonalds is spot on. (Having worked there, I can testify that people really DO get all ambitious about whether or not they get to work on lettuce or on the fries section. Scary.)

Predictable as far as stories go, but the double ups with Eddie and Arsenio playing multiple characters are funny (and Rick Baker's makeup is more convincing than a lot of today's awful fake disguises) and the McDonalds digs are great. And let's not forget the jeri curl pisstake (see the Soul Glow clip, above) or Randy Watson's band, "Sexual Chocolate".

Classic quotes:

Maurice the McDonalds worker: "Hey, I started out mopping the floor just like you guys. But now... now I'm washing lettuce. Soon I'll be on fries; then the grill. And pretty soon, I'll make assistant manager, and that's when the big bucks start rolling in."

King Jaffe: "I tied my own shoes once. It is an overrated experience."

Akeem: "Sir, did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last night?"
Cleo McDowell: "No, I didn't."
Prince Akeem: "Oh sir, the Giants of New York took on the Packers of Green Bay. And in the end, the Giants triumphed by kicking an oblong ball made of pigskin through a big "H". It was a most ripping victory."

5. ....well, to be honest, I can't with hand on heart say that there IS another Eddie Murphy film that I like as much as those four, so I'll have to fall back on his second live standup film, Raw.

Now, for THIS reason (the clip above), with his SPOT ON impressions of Bill Cosby and the legendary Richard Pryor, it makes my list.

Classic Quotes:

(perfectly impersonating Richard Pryor) "Tell Bill to have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up."

Such a shame that the funniest thing to come out the Murphy family in the last ten years has been Charlie's "True Hollywood Stories" on the Chappelle Show. Ah well.

Lazy Day

So, I've woken up at 1.30pm today after getting in late and watching Beverly Hills Cop at high volume last night after a night out. I should probably look at my lifestyle choices when the missus is away, she's back tonight.

Finished my mixtape Thursday, will post it up in due course with artwork. I like it. Probably the best thing I've done so far, in my chequered history of mixtapes going back to 96. But you'll hear it soon enough.

Currently checking out new M.O.P. action, DAMN that Premo track "What I Wanna Be" has got a DOPE beat, really feeling that at the minute. Not massively impressed over the whole album though, the beats sound a bit dated for my liking - autotune, chipmunk samples and so on. Ah well, time passes.

Today so far I've watched Jackie Brown, forgotten how damn good that film is. Been feeling a bit shitty, but will get some food down me and get cracking on the NEXT mixtape. POW.

Peace out.


What I Wanna Be (Premo track from new M.O.P. album):