Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Exhibit Driis - now with youtube!

Yeah, I posted this before. Never mind. I put it up on youtube as well, cos I don't think enough people have heard this. It's amazing. Probably the second best version after the Electronica one.

Blaze... Electronica... large mate!
a large portion of fish and chips and a large plate
a large thank fuck for you for fuck's sakes
and I know it ain't your birthday but a large frickin cake
with the candle that you're holding on for who the fuck is great
now enough fuckin fucks but I have to frickin say
that you are number one of my list of MCs
and I diss them MCs who ain't got nothin to say... no doubt bwoy...
cos this way lies the truth and the truth will hurt
and this way lies the booth where the lies won't work
I'm a 10, I think forward check the name on the shirt
I'm just an actor, don't make me embarass ya
I write a ghost verse for my rapping character
have you call your mum and dad asking for ya barrister
so calm, so cool, collected
future breaks on repeat, bruv you can't eject it, nah
I heard your freestyle, I didn't respect it, brah
I heard your album, that's what I expected, huh
a pile of shit, a pile of words on a beat
if I saw you on the street I'd punch you straight off your feet
call my Camden Town mans and rob the gold from your teeth
rob you in the library, ask my neezy Big Neef (true stories!) you can call me Steve
the way I'm giving out Jobs to those who like to rob
It Takes Two minutes like EZ and Rob
but with one black face like the Princess and the Frog
uhh... now I'm a dutty nig-nog
and I come from an area where they call me a wog
but now, and I quote man, they call me a god
but the girls got it backwards calling me a fucking dog
a pedigree, not a chump
keep my eyes wide open and my mouth tight shut
keep my finger on my trigger of my ten minus one
the small of my back sees my 140... am to pm...

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