Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Best Hip Hop Tracks In The World (part 1)

So, my favourite hip hop tracks of all time. Sounds like an impossible task, right? Well, I'm deliberately going to put down what *I* think are the best hip hop tracks ever. If they're on this list, then I love them unconditionally. There's no order to this, it's just going to be track after track, possibly vaguely chronologically but I dunno. Depends.

Here's part one. If you haven't heard some of these, then edumacate yourself!

The Old School Picks:

1. The Message - Grandmaster Flash + The Furious Five

2. Feel The Heartbeat - Treacherous Three

3. Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa + The Soul Sonic Force

4. Sucker MCs - Run DMC

5. Step Off - Grandmaster Melle Mel + The Furious Five

6. I Can't Live Without My Radio - LL Cool J

7. Slow And Low - Beastie Boys (not the OG Run DMC one)

And now a quick note......

These next three (six?) selections represent, to me, the moment where hip hop suddenly started releasing classic double sided singles. The following two classic 12"s are era defining.

Doug E Fresh ft MC Ricky D (pka Slick Rick) - The Show B/W La Di Da Di
Run DMC - Peter Piper B/W My Adidas
Eric B + Rakim - Eric B Is President B/W My Melody

Here you go....

8a. The Show - Doug E Fresh ft MC Ricky D

8b. La Di Da Di - Doug E Fresh ft MC Ricky D

9a. Peter Piper - Run DMC

9b. My Adidas - Run DMC

10a. Eric B Is President (original 12" version) - Eric B + Rakim

10b. My Melody - Eric B + Rakim

More to come.....

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