Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pen + Pixel!

Pen + Pixel were dope in a fantastic / dreadful way in the late 90s. (They were a design company who specialised in OTT rap covers from about 93 - the mid 00s). If you saw the Louis Theroux Gangsta Rap documentary, then you saw Pen + Pixel's HQ.

^ Not Steve Carrell in The Office... the Pen + Pixel boys.

Check this interview out, VERY informative.

Anyway, here's my ten favourite classic / mental Pen + Pixel covers. Enjoy!

2000, Deuce 8 Records. (Seattle, Washington)

1997, South Coast Music Group (N.O., Louisiana)

1999, Smoked Outt Records (N.O., Louisiana)

2002, Sporty Records (N.O., Louisiana)

1994, Too Cold Records (Houston, Texas)

1995, Hard Head Records (N.O., Louisiana)

1996, Cloud 9 Records (Memphis, Tennessee)

1996, Suave House Records (Memphis, Tennessee)

1999, Hypnotize Minds (Memphis, Tennessee)

1998, Tru Game Records (Nebraska)

ALL covers taken from here. MAD props to the dude who's collected them all together.


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