Friday, 5 March 2010

"Superproducer" Solar

TheRealTalibKweli + BussaBus:
RT @DJPremierBlog: It's really sad to see @Solar_7Grand tweeting in Guru name on @GuruGangStarr twitter,I'm concerned about his health,pray

What the FUCK, Solar? The man's a joke.

"Guru has made clear he does not want anything to do with certain people from his past, and for them too be making false statements about his health is unacceptable"

Link here.

Solar's response to all this (from here):

My direct response to accusations made on my character! I hate to go into Guru's problem with them but it is needed for the truth to be known. the fact is guru had no type of close relationship with Justin or his mother. fact guru rarely spoke to her or him and has not physically seen them in many years.

Fact Guru directly instructed to not let his sister up to the Hospital, which was not enforced for obvious reasons.He saw this coming. If he is so close let him produce a recent pic with his famous uncle, he can't. Fact Guru wanted me to be at his side during this time and I am proud to be there for him. Fact Nobody tells Guru what to do! That is so foul to say about MAN that you say you love! I have no calls from Justin Just a text which i referred him to his mother who had just visited Guru! And the subsequent leaks against Gurus wishes. Guru is a very private Person and wanted to keep this matter close to protect his loved ones. Attacking me over their poor relationship with Guru is outrageous. Guru is like a Brother to me. we have been through a lot together and we are very close as his father and brother are well aware. And I also am close with Gurus Father and now his brother. I feel bad that they took this tact to vent their frustrations with their lack of closeness with Guru. I hope they can let it go, for Guru's sake. This is what Guru wants and that's what counts.


The story thickens.


  1. Stop posting these videos, Jimbo. You're making me find depths of rage and hated I never knew I had.

    After listening to Step In The Arena again this week I think this line from Beyond Comprehension is quite apt, "I feel for the hurt ones, the victims of wrong deeds, awareness is key, our people have strong needs".
    And how about this one from Say Your Prayers, "They say what goes around, comes around, so think about it while you're messing up clown".

    p.s. I only caught the first 20/30 minutes of Stupid Fresh and heard you were going to speak on this situation. Hope you schooled 'em, Jimbo!

  2. hahahaha, well, had to be careful what we said because of libel and stuff (serious!) BUT I mentioned how I understood the situation to be.
    I sort of hope that we're all wrong and everything has gotten twisted. :/