Tuesday, 2 February 2010

My Beastie Boys Mixtape

Yep, got another mixtape to drop for you lucky people.... hahaha

I've been listening to the Beastie Boys since at least 86, maybe before then. The first two singles I ever bought were Wipeout by the Fat Boys and the Beach Boys, and She's On It by the Beasties. The Beasties have been a massive part of my life's soundtrack, and like the Marvin Gaye mix I did, this is one that was a labour of love. It took a fair old while, mainly because I wasn't sure how to approach it... but I've jumped on it for the last week or so and now it's out.

So, what's on it? Well, there's a shitload of exclusive blends (by me!), some classic remixes, some guest spots, a couple of hard-to-find demos / alternate versions and some guest appearances from Def Squad, Q-Tip, Nas, Jay-Z, De La Soul, Milk D and B-Real. Oh yeah, and big up to Joe Scudda for doing the shouts. Nice one man. Download it here:

The Beastie Boys Mixtape
(exclusive blends marked with a *)

1. Intro
2. *Too Many Haters ft Nas
3. Root Down (Prunes remix)
4. *Rhyme Nostalgia
5. Body Movin (Def Squad remix) ft Erick Sermon, Redman + Biz Markie
6. *NY Scientists
7. Get It Together (Buckwild remix) ft Q-Tip
8. *Right Now Feel The Horns
9. Gratitude
10. Sabotage
11. Remote Control
12. *Disturbed Word
13. Squat - De La Soul ft Mike D + Adrock
14. Intergalactic ('94 demo)
15. *Jay-Unit
16. 4 Fly Guys ft Hurricane
17. *Insane B-Boys
18. Jay-Z Live Interlude
19. No Sleep Till Brooklyn (original mix)
20. 99 Problems (Just Blaze blend) - Jay-Z
21. *Stop That Black Mag
22. So What'cha Want? (Soul Assassins remix) ft B-Real
23. Spam - Milk D ft Ad-Rock
24. *Three The Nubian Way
25. *NY We Go Hard
26. Ricky's Theme
27. Shake Your Rump / Madlib remix
28. *Police Negotiation
29. *Turn Alive
30. *Ooh-Wee Check It
31. *Triple Rappers Delight ft Sugarhill Gang
32. *Me, Myself + My Lifestyle
33. Once Around The Corner (The Fowl Song)
34. Fight For Your Right To Party (alternate lyrics mix)
35. Something's Got To Give

Here's a couple of the blends for you to check if you're still not sure...

The mixtape took a while to do, hope you like it. Leave feedback if you're feeling it!



  1. Wooo! DL'ing this at the moment. Been a long-term BB fan, too and although I've not always stuck with them through the years you can't really fault their musical history.
    Did you ever see Pump Up The Volume with Christian Slater, early 90's film. He played a pirate radio dj and one song he played was a real early rough, very sparse drum machine track with lots of reverb. It was supposed to be a 'lost' track, too. Hmmmmmm.

    Rock on, my mellow.

  2. Now Downloading, looking forward to it, still rock your Marvin Gaye one :)

  3. This is good man - i'll be playing this in the whip tomorrow. cheerio pip pip and all that govner (have i got the english lingo down? haha) - Liquidator-Amro

  4. Yo Ben, yeah man, I've got that, it's called "Scenario". Weird track, they keep repeating the same lines for 3 verses. Apparently it was supposed to be mixed together so they were doubling up and alternating, but it never got done. Some kind of Schoolly D tribute apparently.
    Ham - cheers man! Nice one! :)
    Liquidator-Amro - yeah, that sounds about right... hahahahaha!

  5. Nice one Jim, downloading. I'll always love the beastie boys, old school legends and true innovators.

  6. Props to you Jimmy!
    I'm now listening to the mix & it sounds good.
    As it was 20 years since Paul's Boutique (last year) I had thought about doing a original sample source mix as I've got most on vinyl now...but...
    a) The Dust Bros & Beasties pretty much did that anyway with the WHOLE album!
    b) I procrastinate.
    c) see (b)......

    extra props to your work ethic my man!

  7. Love the mixtape mate! I think it's funny, Wipeout by the Fat Boys was MY first album too! Lol

  8. Super fresh--really fucking excellent mix. I'm spreading the love for it here:

    ...and check for it in the next day or so at http://www.pearsontowers.com

    Good looks.

  9. I'm loving this, I grew up on the Beastie Boys... they influenced me in a big way! Even before I became a DJ I put together a tape of all the time Mike D says his name and made my own 'greatest hits' long before the anthology came out!

  10. R.I.P MCA

    First thing I wanted to do today after waking up and hearing the news was listen to this mix again..

    Thanks Jimmy

  11. Jam Master Justin4 May 2012 at 19:35

    Can someone please upload this again? RIP MCA. Heaven be illin' today.

  12. I used to listen to this mixtape a lot when you dropped it. Went looking for it yesterday and couldn't find it, any chance of a re-up?

  13. Please, please, please re-up link for the Beastie Boys mixtape AND the Marvin Gaye!

    Big thanks from Denmark, Europe.