Monday, 15 February 2010

Idris Elba

Wow.... wasn't expecting this. Props to Truth for the heads-up...

You probably know Idris Elba from either The Wire (where he played Stringer Bell) or American Gangster (where Denzel shoots him in the middle of the street).

What *I* only recently found out (and apologies for being slow on this one) was that
(a) he's British and
(b) he's a rapper / singer. And he's a good one, as well, which is even more surprising (bearing in mind that he made his name as an actor).

His "High Class Problems" EP has just dropped on iTunes (UK), and it's worth picking up - production is tight, including a track he co-produced with Pete Rock. (He did a track with 9th Wonder called Private Garden that didn't make the cut for some reason, but you can check that here.)

Here's his blog, it's worth checking out. PROPS.

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