Monday, 22 February 2010

DJ Palma - The Get Up On It Mixtape - Free Download

New mix for your ears from DJ Palma (extended Jones fam... as well as doing the Sound Awareness show directly after ours on on a Friday night / Saturday morning, he's an established EA Hip Hop LEGEND!).

Dope cover design by DJ Ben Marr (aka Skema), all round great dude and the Afrika Bambaataa of East Anglia.

Let's let Palma tell you what it's about.

"I hope you dig it, feel the track selection and feel compelled to listen to it more than once. I am sure more than a few of you educated hip hop fans will know the tracks or be familiar with the artists featured. Nothing ultra obscure because that's not my focus here. I included only a few what you may consider rare pieces, but most importantly and specifically records I have loved since the days of my youth which I merited on the quality of dope, funky beats and rhymes between the grooves. Please feel free to share with your homeboys and girls or add to your blog.
Thanks to DJ Ambrose, J.Mack, J/157, Ben Marr, Jimbo, Kid Dyno and The Beat Detective, and all the true school hip hop die-hards and artists on this mix CD for the inspiration."

Sound Awareness Presents The Get Up On It Mixtape mixed by DJ Palma.

If you want to check it before the download, here's a stream (biggup Kid Dynomite for the link).


1. Intro
2. Get On Up - Divine Styler
3. Get Into It - Big Daddy Kane
4. That's The Flavor - Busy Boys
5. My Rhythm Is Kept - Kay D + DJ Stash
6. Get Nifty - Hot Day AKA Dante ft Mystique
7. A Is For Antoinette - Antoinette
8. Turn It Loose - Steady B
9. Goodfoot - D Moet + Xcalibur
10. Giddy Up - Three Times Dope
11. School Of Hardknocks - The Amazing JeWel T
12. Cold New Yorkin' - King Sun
13. This Is Something Funky To Step To - Double XX Posse
14. Hypocritters - The Jaz
15. Go To Work - Kool D + Technolo G
16. Trooper On The Mike - Raw Corp ft DJ Len
17. Ain't Going Out Like That - DR Luv + Kev-Ski
18. You Know The Outcome - Priority One
19. D Nice Rocks The House - DJ Scott La Rock + D-Nice
20. Trag Invasion - Tragedy The Intelligent Hoodlum

And yep, that's me on the doubles / juggles and occasional cuts (purely for window dressing purposes, you understand).

DOPE mix! It's a freebie and well worth checking out.

Also, check out the dope write up at the Daily Diggers blog here.


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