Saturday, 6 February 2010

Dan Hughes

Right, back to nepotism corner over at the Jones Family household. Dan Hughes is my cousin, but that really doesn't mean a great deal as regards to why I'm writing about him, cos I've got a load of other cousins but you don't see me writing about them, do ya? (no offence guys and gals.)

^ Dan playing live

The reason I'm writing about Dan is because he's a SHIT HOT guitarist. He's starting to pick up a bit of steam, got an EP coming out, playing gigs around the country (and we recorded a project a couple of years back that still isn't finished.... MG get in touch son!).

Anyway, here's an article about him from here.

I never would have believed it if someone told me I’d be privy to a competent rendition of Muddy Water’s Hoochie Coochie Man when I visited the King Billy last week. But that’s what I got when I went to see a young guitar player by the name of Dan Hughes.

Within the first few minutes of this gig, I knew this guy was channeling the inner Clapton which was confirmed when Hughes and his backup band The Others followed up with Old Love.

Hughes then played an original which is going to feature on an upcoming EP he will call Future Holds. The song was titled Into Space and had 3/4 time! (Seems silly to mention but it’s a bit of a rarity for me seeing local bands use this)

Hughes continued to impress with a courageous and successful cover of Pink Floyd’s Breathe. It was an excellent choice of song for the style of the band.

I found a video posted on YouTube of Dan Hughes jamming with The Others and I’d like to share because a wise man once told me that music journalism is like dancing about architecture. Words will never do the music justice.

Here's him in action (he's the dude in orange).

And here's his website. Check it out.

Also, (although he hasn't bothered to add ME, so much for family loyalty Dan) follow him on Twitter here.

Anyway, check him out.... POW!

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