Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ronald Jenkees

Props to DJ Tipz (blog here)for finding the link to this one. HOLY CALAMITY SCREAM INSANITY! This is just nuts. Massively, massively dope. I'm gonna cop one of his CDs when I get paid.

Check Ronald's website here.





Here's something off wikipedia (for what that's worth).

Jenkees began playing music at 4 years old, when he received a toy keyboard for Christmas as a gift. Using this keyboard, he learned simple melodies and played with friends. While still at a young age, he received a Yamaha PSR-500. He attempted piano lessons in the seventh grade, but these were unsuccessful. Jenkees discovered how to sequence and layer music using his Yamaha keyboard, and began playing hip hop music. He joined a marching band in high school, and despite being unable to read sheet music, the band director let Jenkees create his own keyboard parts and "jam out" in state competitions. The band director encouraged Jenkees to learn to read music, but he continued to play by ear. He is from Kentucky.

Jenkees became enthusiastic about FL Studio after a friend introduced him to it. From about 2003, he began releasing beats and raps online under the name "Big Cheez". Under this name, he produced the 2005 album Straight Laced by Fish. In 2006, Jenkees started posting videos on YouTube to entertain people, but he later began posting music-related videos. Jenkees felt that the "goofiness" he showed helped him "not feel like such a show-off". One example would be the video in which Ronald shows people "How to snap your fingers the cool way". His videos tended to feature him wearing a hat and greeting his viewers with "Hello Youtubes". His videos gradually gained popularity, and saw a boom in popularity when Bill Simmons from advertised Jenkees and asked him to record his podcast theme. In 2007, Jenkees independently released his first studio album, Ronald Jenkees. In June 2009, Jenkees was featured on the STS9 album, "Peaceblaster: The New Orleans Make It Right Remixes," producing a remix of "Beyond Right Now".

On July 31, 2009, Jenkees announced via his Twitter account that he had released his second album, Disorganized Fun, on his website. It is currently available in MP3 format and physical compact discs.


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