Monday, 4 January 2010

The Crowd - DOPE Free Download

Well, it's a good day when I get sent something free that I like, and I can pass on to everyone else without having to worry about it...

The free SonnyJim track a couple of days back (last post) was one, and this is another.

Courtesy of the fantastic Dilla-lovin Jessica Estevez over on twitter (follow her here), here's a new act that I haven't checked for previously, but WILL be checking for from now on. They're called THE CROWD.

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Here.... have a freebie!
A Memoir, I swear that's a Dilla beat.
EDIT - nah, it's the same loop J-Live used in 07 though. Sounds dope.

Who are they? Well, here's the lowdown off their site.

The core of The Crowd is a trio that consists of two Emcees (Akil Dasan & Randy Mason) and a female vocalist (Adeline). Often compared to the Fugees and the Black Eyed Peas, their music is an exciting new style of Hip-Hop-Pop that draws upon The Crowd’s unique skill set. Everyone in The Crowd plays an instrument and they write and co-produce all of their material. At a Crowd show you can expect to see a live demonstration of everything that has made Hip-Hop a global phenomenon: beatboxing, bboying (breakdancing), rapping, singing, hot tracks, live instruments and of course, crowd participation. Fresh, talented and innovative, The Crowd fills up every room with a unique brand of “feel good” energy, whether at a show, in a club or blasting out your living room speakers.

I know, I know, the mention of the Black Eyed Peas might have turned you away, but come back, COME BACK! Rememebr the Black Eyed Peas DID do some dope tracks back in the day. THAT'S the type of stuff we're talking about here. You don't believe me? In which case you haven't downloaded "A Memoir" (the free track up there ^, dummy, and you're no friend of mine! Come on, trust your old pal Jimbo, I'll never steer you wrong.

Seriously, check 'em out.

Check their Facebook page here.

MASSIVE props to Ms Estevez for the heads up. Biggup!

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