Thursday, 3 December 2009

Hip Hop High School

Well, still not feeling great. But I found these pics courtesy of DJ Vlad (you know, the fella who did the Rap Phenomenon mix CDs with DJ Dirty Harry). If you like the look of these, check out his blog, there's Biggie, Nelly, Puff, Andre 3000 and loads more (over 30 at last count).

(Remember, some of em might seem geeky, but we were pretty much ALL forced into putting our best on and grinning for mum's mantelpiece of her "little darling", so let's not criticise.)


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Seriously, check out DJ Vlad's blog - LOADS of dope stuff on there.

POW. I'm off back to bed. See if I can shake off this bloody hot and cold feeling.

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