Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mayer Hawthorne

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This dude is seriously running things now. He may look like a computer programmer, but trust me he knows his shit.

From my understanding, he's primarily a hip hop producer/DJ, who used to knock out jokey pseudo-soul tracks for friends and family. Peanut Butter Wolf heard some of the tracks he did as "Mayer Hawthorne", and asked him to do a full length album, which he did. And it's AMAZING. Check out this track - Maybe So, Maybe No.

What next? Well, apparently a collabo with Ghostface is on the cards, from the mouth of Tony Starks himself:

“He’s crazy. His music is fire. He got a lot of soul, a lot of Motown soul. The production and how he sings, it sounds like he could’ve been like Smokey Robinson. You would think he was a black guy, to have the soul that he’s bringing to the table like that, but to find out no, it’s even more incredible.”

Other fans of Mayer include Alicia Keys, Justin Tomberlake and the Jones family favourite, John Mayer. MAN this dude is dope.

Cop the album, do yourselves a favour.


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