Sunday, 4 October 2009

Grandmaster Melle Mel Remix (official one)

A couple of years back now on the net, I got in touch with a dude who was Grandmaster Melle Mel's manager / promoter, or something. His name was (and probably still is) Faisal Ahmed.

(Now, there was another dude I knew called Faisal Ahmed, who stiffed me on an old school hip hop video, as far as I could tell, but it wasn't the same bloke, cos THIS Faisal Ahmed (who's Melle Mel's manager / promoter / whatever he was / is) lived in the States. Still does, hopefully, I haven't heard from him for a while, hope he's OK.

Anyway, long story short, I remixed Melle Mel's single "M3" - which is his 3rd version of the classic "The Message". You can hear the original version on THIS album "Muscles":

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Here's the original one:

So, I got the acapella off Faisal, did a beat for it, scratched up the chorus, and sent it back. Unfortunately, although Faisal said that Mel thought it was great, and wanted to put it out on a remix 12", I'd used two samples that couldn't be cleared, so they couldn't use it. Ah well. (For the record the first sample problems are the extracts from the original Message - "Don't Push Me... God Is Smiling On You" and so on - cos I would imagine Silvia Robinson or Duke Bootee still own the rights to that, and second one is the track that I chopped to make the beat. But I'm not giving that away on here. haha.)
Kamanchi Sly did a remix for it, which I haven't heard, but made it onto the 12". Good work!

Here's my remix, anyway, for those who are vaguely interested. There's a couple of drops on it, ignore those though, I'm having trouble finding the "un-dropped" one. You'll notice that it says "Stupid Fresh Remix" at one point, that was when I was using that name for remixes, before those crappy house DJs up in Leeds started using the name a full seven years AFTER I started using it. Ah well, if they want to be like that, fine, I can change my remix name, they'll still be SHIT.

Youtube link:

Here's the audio link for download if you want it:

M3 - The Message 3 (Jimmy Green Remix)
Grandmaster Mele Mel

Same as the Green Album Jay-Z remix thing, I was thinking that this would lead somewhere. Again, sadly no. Ah well. I reckon it still sounds pretty good. I'm pretty happy with the scratching - this was pre-Serato, so it's all off vinyl (I used one of my acapella copies of the Message... it's all cue-burned up now. Was worth it though).

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