Sunday, 18 October 2009

DJ Ready Red and his new mixer

DJ Ready Red from the Geto Boys is a truly safe dude. He spends his spare time moderating the Old School Hip Hop forum (which you can find here), where I spend a bit of time every so often, and he's reached out and PM-d me a few times. He's also started using Serato and is up on the Serato Scratch forums, where I also spend a bit of time, and he's still DJing out in clubs after 20-something years. The man is a legend. Not to mention the massive appreciation he has for martial arts - he helps run the Bruce Lee Tribute webpage here.

Here's a vid he posted on youtube, showing this new mixer he's just bought, and even though it's "not a hip hop" mixer, he rinses it.

Actually, let Red tell his side of the story:

This is really a long story maybe 30 years in the making. I love to talk to any and everybody about all things life but hip hop is one subject that always makes me laugh and cry! After becoming a mobile dj again since moving back home to Trenton,NJ I saw that I still loved the challenge of rocking a party 6 - 7 hours vs the 20 minute Yo I'm a hip hop dj watch me cut like this and that while the Mc's do there thing. Well maybe after 20 gigs in about a months time I realized I need to update a few pieces for the mobile work I was getting so I started researching what was good to play around with! I borrowed my friends Technics DZ-1200's(cd version of the turntable) nice but not for me I love my Wheels of Steel ok. So I said maybe just a new mixer would be good I been using my Rane 56 and was thinking about getting a 57 with built in Serato included but said no I'm good. My friend Qbert gave me a Vestax 07 Pro that liked and still do. Now my story is in my life before there was a Dj department you found what worked for you and could you use that piece of equipment to make it Hip Hop worthy!
Well I went to the music store and played around with some joints Was told that the real Dj's would only use this type of fader but a Hip Hop dj would never use a mixer like that cause they only use two channel unless your a bed room dj and have never played to a crowd before. Well after hearing this talk go on for hours while the sales guys did there hey buy this or buy that real dj are using this I found something that I spent less money on and been staying up till the wee hours learning about the new digital mixer I thought would help me get through the 7 hours of dj'n I do most of the time! Any way the sales guy told me you can't do Hip Hop on this mixer I sent him a link and told him this "We Make It Hip Hop"

PS I received no money for doing this lol!!!
And yes I love rocking for Mc's and 20 minutes for a dj a Hip Hopper like myself is all I need

Peace to you Red, I hope I'm still rocking it like you twenty years from now.

On the same note, go over to the Old School Hip Hop site, it's pretty dope.

Old School Hip Hop Homepage


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