Thursday, 8 October 2009

Christopher Cross, Michael McDonald and The Roots

Yeah, you read that right.
The Roots aka the best hip hop band in the world.
Christopher Cross, who to be honest isn't one of my favourite artists but who did some dope tracks in the early 80s.
And MICHAEL MCDONALD! Yeah, I'm geeking out, Mike is the muthafuckin MAN. Amazingly dope voice.
Anyway, this was on Jimmy Fallon, and it's pretty dope although Christopher Cross's voice isn't holding up like it used to. Ah well.

Man, they all look like they're LOVING it. Dopeness.

UPDATE: the embed doesn't look like it's working too well, taking a long time to load up. If you want to go to the OG site, here it is:
Jimmy Fallon Show Link

Anyone wanting the original proper track (without The Roots), here it is (ssshhhh... don't tell anyone).

Ride Like The Wind
Christopher Cross ft Michael McDonald


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