Sunday, 13 September 2009

What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint?

WOW.... this HAS taken off since I did it. You don't believe me? OK, type in "What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint" to google, and see what comes up. Again, WOW. I did NOT expect this, maybe a few downloads and a bit of feedback, but not this much. Someone posted it up on the Kanye West Blog message board! I'm not joking.

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Another notable mention was on the Rawkus blog.

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Anyway, I could go on as it seems to be up in a load of places. It's even got people arguing over it on various message boards. Here is a recent one. Whoah.

You might have heard of this project, anyway, is the main point.
I knocked it together a few months back with most of The Blueprint acapellas (not Renegade though, can't get that one) and a load of Dilla beats. And that was it, really. It's had a couple of thousand downloads at least since then. So, if you haven't checked it yet then here it is.

But before then, here's my dreadful original cover:

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It took about 20 minutes on paintshop. Which was noticed here. hahahaha.
For amusement, here's a couple of the covers that OTHER people have done, because mine is so bloody awful. This is weird... it's up on 40+ blogs, some messageboards, mentioned by Oliver Wang on the Soulsides blog (link here), and now it's getting new covers made for it... WTF?

This one's good, from BoomBap (a netherlands hip hop site)

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So's this, from BlindIForTheKids.

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And here is a particularly thoughtful review, courtesy of 33Jones. Here's another one, from hiphopiscoolagain. Props! At least you listened to it first, unlike some people.

Anyway, here's the download.

What If Dilla Produced The Blueprint? (mediafire link)


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