Saturday, 12 September 2009

Stupid Fresh Radio Show September 11th 09

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Yeah, I'm on some Mr Vampire / Asian Vampire Zombie shit this morning, just been raised out of bed by the missus's mate knocking at the door at unholy hour of a Saturday morning, cheers Michelle. :/

Anyway, we did the radio show last night as per normal, had a fair few listeners, got national AND international stuff going on nowadays, awwww gyeah, Australia, USA, Amsterdam... then back into the UK got Leeds, Norwich and Ipswich locked, POW! haha.

After the show we did our normal trick of popping along to The Swan and having a couple of aftershow beers, it was a great night, saw Dave Cradle, Mighty Joe Sharman, Lloyd, Flish, Mackenzie and Lady Tara, Chris, Steph, Becca, DJ Onion, Barney, and of course everyone who normally frequents and / or works at the Swan on a Friday - Damian, Carnell, Wes, Diddy and everyone else. Oh yeah, apologies to the guy who thought I was having a go at him, I wasn't, I was apologising for knocking into you, not blaming you for knocking into me. But, uhh, yeah. Anyway. This wasn't supposed to be an Oscar speech, it was supposed to be a brief post with our radio show upload. Damn, I get distracted easily nowadays.

Featured this week: new Jigga, MOP, Ghostface, De La Soul + Deams, Raekwon, Mick Boogie, NORE, Bekay + Masta Ace, Capone and LOADS more. Check it out, it doesn't cost you anything.

Big up all the listeners who got in touch, Truth, Muddle, Fatty, Little Martin, Wendy and Gav, Jam Master Jai up in Leeds, Ben Askew, Ben Hamilton, ElJay, Jamie.... the list goes on. And biggup if you listened in last night but DIDN'T contact us. Next time drop us a line or a text!

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Stupid Fresh Radio Show
September 11th 2009

Part 1

Part 2

More next week. POW!

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