Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Some NICE new Brooklyn stuff.... Bekay (ft Masta Ace) produced by Alchemist / Babu

I copped a promo of this end of last week, REALLY nice! Brooklyn MC Bekay (pronounced like the initials BK.... you see what he did there?) comes HARD with an Alchemist track with cuts by Revolution, and a Babu track with cuts by...well, Babu.

Here's the video to the single, the first bit is the Alchemist track "I Am" and the second bit is "Brooklyn Bridge" featuring Masta Ace, the Babu track, NIIIIIICE. It's a SICK video as well, loving the old school look of the "I Am" bit, and the cold summer feel of the second part is really REALLY dope.

Oddly, I prefer the Babu track to the Alchemist one, it just sounds nicer to me. Sticks in my head more.

Worth checking out - single drops pretty soon, seek it out, and his album drops 10th November!

The single's VERY Brooklyn sounding, got that classic sound to it, Bekay isn't the most technically advanced of MCs on this but he reminds me of Fat Joe, and sometimes it's all about the swagger and the way you flow rather than technical ability shit.

Verdict: SURE SHOT! 4 Pows (out of 5).

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