Thursday, 10 September 2009

My R+B Remixes part 1, wow

hahahaha, I was going through my old CDs a couple of days ago looking for something (I have hundreds of data discs with all the raw files of the MCs I've worked with on all the tracks I've ever recorded), when I stumbled upon one thing that made me go "oh yeah, forgot about that", and then found something that I thought I'd lost for good.

Now, although I tend to make beats for rappers, I tried my hand at remixing a couple of R+B tracks a few years back, one of which I'll post up here for you now. One is from 2003, and the beat was done on eJay (no joke). Not great, but there we go. Thought you might like it. You don't? Maaaaaan you're ungrateful, Don't ask me for anything again ever.

Justin Timberlake ft The Clipse
Like I Love You (Jimmy Green remix) (2003)

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