Saturday, 5 September 2009

Lazy Day

So, I've woken up at 1.30pm today after getting in late and watching Beverly Hills Cop at high volume last night after a night out. I should probably look at my lifestyle choices when the missus is away, she's back tonight.

Finished my mixtape Thursday, will post it up in due course with artwork. I like it. Probably the best thing I've done so far, in my chequered history of mixtapes going back to 96. But you'll hear it soon enough.

Currently checking out new M.O.P. action, DAMN that Premo track "What I Wanna Be" has got a DOPE beat, really feeling that at the minute. Not massively impressed over the whole album though, the beats sound a bit dated for my liking - autotune, chipmunk samples and so on. Ah well, time passes.

Today so far I've watched Jackie Brown, forgotten how damn good that film is. Been feeling a bit shitty, but will get some food down me and get cracking on the NEXT mixtape. POW.

Peace out.


What I Wanna Be (Premo track from new M.O.P. album):

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