Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Graveyard Shift

A couple of years back, I was in touch with Reggiimental reasonably regularly, and I did a remix of a track that was on The Graveyard Shift sampler. It was on iTunes and everything (a first for me, haha).

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Anyway, point being that I just found the CD down in the shed, and here it is.

Coolin' (Jimmy Green remix)
The Graveyard Shift (Reggiimental, Biggaman and SonnyJim)
taken from The Graveyard Shift EP

Cop more stuff from Rusty Jukebox over at their blog, Rusty Jukebox.

Also look up Reggii on iTunes, and Graveyard Shift as well. And Shady Rezidents, I did a remix for them as well.... must dig that out.

Yo, Reg, if you read this, hit me up man, been a long time!

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