Saturday, 12 September 2009

Eternia, another dope female MC

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It's a shame that I have to put the term "female" in front of Eternia's name, but there aren't many about. For the record, the female MCs most listened to in Chez Jones are:

Roxanne Shante
MC Lyte
Jean Grae
Rah Digga

Not Lauryn Hill. Just don't really like her too much.

Anyways, just heard this MC called Eternia. She's Canadian, and has presumably been easy to market cos she's very easy on the eye as well as having skills. Hopefully she won't fall victim to the "novelty" tag and get done like Lil Kim or Foxy Brown, and get pushed down that "show ya body off" route. She's pretty raw on the mic.

Start of her verse from "Struggle":

"It's 3 o clock in the 1 spot, we got
5 fiends, 4 bags, 3 needles and 2 doors locked
the spot's hot so they don't talk a lot,
they just heat it up, tie it up, shoot it up, the veins pop..."


On a technical note, shame the mixdown on this track is so murky, but there we go.

Struggle (ft Wordsworth + Ken Starr)
from the album "It's Called Life" (2005)

Track sounds like a Premo-style beat, but it's a bit too cluttered up and they don't name-check him (that I noticed), so I'm assuming that it isn't.

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